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Who We Are:

VA og VVS produsentene VVP or Norwegian Water and Wastewater related suppliers and manufacturers – VVP is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 1967. VVP is the Norwegian Association representing the interests of companies that manufacture, sell, and distribute Plumbing, Hydronic Heating, Waterworks products including municipal water supply and sewer drainage. Total industry sales close to NOK 10 billion in 2021. All members located in Norway.

VVP’s Core Values:

  • VVP is committed to the success of its members and to the true representation of their interests
  • VVP acts with integrity, transparency and due diligence

Manager: Bjarne Haugland

VA og VVS produsentene VVP 
Cellphone: (+47) 958 48 966
E-mail: bjarne.haugland(at) 

Adress: Helgeroveien 196, N-3294 Stavern, NORWAY 


Org nr 983 522 912